Crypto Movies™ | Social Community for Movie Lovers Crypto Movies™

Crypto Movies™ is a social community for movie lovers.
Our members enjoy the same features found in other social communities and shares revenue with members. Crypto Movies™ members get rewarded for being active in the community.
CryptoTube™ and CryptoTraks™ two new Crypto Movies™ Community features.
With access to so much content, sometimes it can be a challenge to decide what to watch. CryptoTube™ is a content loaded service just for members that may find the content selection a little overwhelming. CryptoTraks™ is a music player/photo gallery service to listen to your favorite soundtracks while viewing photo stills from the movie. Sign up right now and enjoy all the fantastic things Crypto Movies™ Community has to offer.
"The internet is like the universe, there's always new content to be discovered.
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Movies and TV Shows
Crypto Movies™ has hundreds of movies and tv shows from a to z and many more are added daily. The ratings range from G to R. No porn.
Fully Responsive
Crypto Movies™ is a fully responsive community so it will fit to your screen width and look good on your tablet and mobile displays.
Rewards and Benefits
Earn points for your activities, enter contests and giveaways, take trivia quizzes and participate in polls and much more.
Social Networks are the watering holes of the world where thirsts are quenched among people who share similar interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections without ethnic and religious borders.
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Why Join The Crypto Movies™ Community?
  • Watch full length movies and TV shows
  • Get rewarded for all your activities
  • Write reviews and rate content
  • Invite friends and meet new ones
  • Chat with friends
  • Get a promotion page
  • Contests and Giveaways
  • Trivia Quizzes and Polls
  • Listen to podcasts
Want More Reasons To Join?
  • Advertise your business
  • Community Auction
  • Community Classifieds
  • Create groups and forums
  • Shop for all your movies and memorabilia
  • Revenue sharing
  • Be apart of something new
  • Login with your social network
  • All for one-time $2.00 membership
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